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We make every effort to keep up with your thoughts and questions, however, if you don't see what you are looking for here, please feel free to email us at info@seaportdigital.com


Q. What is the difference between the Pro and the Classic?

 A. The Pro MAG has rigid sides that are approximately 2" high allowing for better protection and slightly thicker laptops (not an issue with Mac's). The patented TriFold cowl extends a little further and comes with a dark cloth allowing the photographer a complete light free environment to view critical coloring on any screen image. The Pro MAG will accommodate up to 17" laptop. The Classic does not have rigid sides which makes it a lighter weight case. The soft sides allow easier access to the side ports for cabling. The TriFold does not extend quite as far and the Classic does not come with a Darkcloth.


Q. Are you able to plug in the power supply or an external battery while the hood is up?

A. Yes, this is possible with any of the i-Visor models.



Q. Is there an opening on the case that you can insert a Firewire cable through and into the laptop?

A. Yes there is a slide-open access port on both sides of the Pro MAG and cables are easily accessed with the Classic.


Q. How much room is left around the sides of 17" Laptop in your Pro model?
A. This would depend on the Laptop the nominal inside dimensions (inches) are 3.5 x 12.5 x 17.5. We now include two rigid dividers that can Velcro® in place at each side of the case to support the laptop in a raised position above the case cavity. This allows ready access to all ports.


Q. Is heat build up an issue?

A. Without meaning to be evasive, this depends on the laptop and the immediate climate. Our new Pro MAG has a perforated magnesium chassis and when mounted on a tripod the un-zippered flap on the bottom exposes a passive air cooling area where special fabrics have been used both inside and out.