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F&V R-300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light w/ L-Bracket & NP-F550 Battery Zoom

F&V R-300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light w/ L-Bracket & NP-F550 Battery


Light weight and a compact size makes the F&V R-300 SE the perfect traveling light. It is great for special purposes such as for use with a gimbal, where other lights don't fit or are too heavy.

The R300 SE can be whatever you need it to be: a ring light mounted around the lens, a soft off-camera light, a small portable softbox or lantern. With the new, extended L-bracket, it can also be mounted to any DSLR, even when a battery grip is installed. Powered by AC or affordable NP-F batteries (both sold separately), the R300 SE is ready for any challenge.

AC Adapter Sold Separately

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Product Description


    The New F&V R-300 SE features 300 daylight-balanced LEDs that produce 2205 Lux @ 1-meter with TLCI 97 +/- 2. An onboard dimmer offers seamless power variation from 0-100%. It has two power options: a Sony NP-F Battery Plate and a DC 2.5mm jack (AC Adapter sold separately).

    The R-300 SE has a 50 degree beam-angle. Its slim profile and light weight make it a perfect companion for shoots in the studio or on location. The R-300 is great for glamour, concert, events, and macro photography/videography.

    The R-300 SE comes packaged with two magnetic filters: a Tungsten Filter and a Frost Diffusion Filter. The Tungsten Filter will calibrate your light to 3200K allowing you to shoot indoors under incandescent light. The Frost Diffusion Filter takes the edge off the light's beam and also can serve as a gel holder. Sold Separately is the Milk White Diffusion filter which creates a very soft, glamorous, and easy-to-look-at light source.

    This kit comes with the improved L-Bracket that allows the user to mount a wider variety of cameras including DSLRs with battery grips.

    Note – This version of the R-300 SE does not come with battery, nor ac adapter.

Additional Information

    Additional Information


    Light weight and compact

    2205 lux @ 1-meter

    Two power options: AC or NP-F batteries

    Continuous dimming

    On-board controller

    Package Contents

    (1x) R-300 SE Light

    (1x) New Improve L-Bracket Mount

    (1x) Tungsten Filter

    (1x) Frost Filter

    (1x) NP-F550 LI-Ion Battery

    (1x) Volta NP-F Battery Charger

    Outside Dimensions n/a
    Inside Dimensions n/a
    Product Weight (lb) .75
    Material n/a
    Manufacturer Other
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