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Ultimate Actors Kit Zoom

Ultimate Actors Kit

Actors who plan to make the most of themselves and their work will love to utilize every aspect of this never before offered kit!

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Product Description


    Mini C-Pan Arm:

    The Mini C-pan Arm is a unique camera guide system that mechanically moves your camera in a curved or straight path. The C-pan Arm is capable of curved camera paths as well, and its total movement range is 3.5 times its folded length.

    When making a non-curved movement, the arm functions as a traditional, straight track slider. Small adjustments to the arm allow the camera to move in a curved path.

    When combined with two ball heads, the Mini C-pan can create vertical and diagonal movements.

    PXB Pro Background with Chromakey Blue Muslin:

    Location, portrait, and event shooters will rejoice at the ease and portability of this self-contained background system. The PXB Pro Portable Background System consists of a unique X-frame and a convenient adjustable stand. It assembles in minutes, is completely self-supporting, and stows away neatly in its own 8 x 8 x 36” (20 x 20 x 92 cm) case and weighs just 11.8 lbs. (5.4 kg).

    The new fiberglass resin rods are durable and lightweight, making the PXB Pro 1 lb lighter than the previous version. At the end of each rod is a quick connector that holds the rods together even when a muslin isn’t mounted. The PXB Pro also features a brand new durable metal alloy center hub.

    The PXB Pro features a new expandable connector system. In the near future, accessories will be available to allow the kit to be used with 6 x 6, 5 x 7, and 7 x 9’ muslins.

    R-300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light w/ L-Bracket & AC Adapter:

    The New R-300 SE features 300 daylight-balanced LEDs that produce 2205 Lux @ 1-meter with TLCI 97 +/- 2. An onboard dimmer offers seamless power variation from 0-100%.  Its slim profile and light weight make it a perfect companion for shoots in the studio or on location.  The R-300 SE comes packaged with two magnetic filters: a Tungsten Filter and a Frost Diffusion Filter. The Tungsten Filter will calibrate your light to 3200K allowing you to shoot indoors under incandescent light. The Frost Diffusion Filter takes the edge off the light's beam and also can serve as a gel holder.

    Smart Phone Holder w/ Gooseneck & Savior Clamp Mini:

    The Smartphone Holder w/ Gooseneck & Savior Clamp Mini Kit is for those who want to utilize their smart phones for filming or video of any kind. Clamp this kit to a bike, a tree, or anything else and get going. Use everything in the kit without the phone holder and attach a light or a camera using the 1/4"-20 male screw of the Large Camera Mount at the end of the Gooseneck.

    The Gooseneck is a versatile flex arm made for use with the 9.Solutions Quick Mount System. It is covered with a silicon sleeve which protects it from the elements and makes it easy to clean. Each end of the Gooseneck is fitted with male and female Magnetic Quick Mount connectors so you can link multiple Goosenecks for extra reach.

    The Savior Clamp Mini has 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female threads on its jaws. This makes it possible to mount multiple pieces of equipment on the clamp.

    Medium Ball Head w/ Savior Clamp Kit:

    The Savior Clamp is tapped with one 1/4"-20 and one 3/8"-16 female threaded hole on each jaw. This makes it possible to mount multiple pieces of equipment on one clamp. When paired with the Studio Assets Medium Ball Head w/ Quick Release, the kit gives an added versatility for any photography needs.  It allows the Mini C-Pan to perform vertical movements as well.

    3- Section Aluminum Photo Tripod:

    This rugged, mid-size tripod features three-section legs that can reach a maximum height of 69" (164 cm) and a center column that can be reduced to allow for low-angle shooting. Each leg has a foam cover to provide a firm grip in cold and hot weather as well as to protect the tripod during transport. The tripod also has three leg angle positions allowing for a variety of height and stability options.

    Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless 4-Channel Lavalier Microphone System:

    A compact and lightweight VHF wireless microphone system - the perfect audio solution for recording simply and easily, free from the limit of distance.

    The SR-WM4C is ideal for filmmaking, conducting broadcast interviews and business presentations - or any other need that requires portability and great sound quality.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Highlights No
    Package Contents

    8 x 8' PXB PRO Kit with Chromakey Blue Muslin:

    (1x) Center Hub

    (4x) Inner Arms

    (4x) Outer Arms

    (4x) Corner Dovetails

    (1x) Adjustable Stand

    (1x) Carrying Case

    (1x) 8 x 8' Chromakey Blue Muslin

    Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless 4-Channel Lavalier Microphone System:

    (1x) Belt-pack transmitter 

    (1x) Camera mountable receiver 

    (1x) Omnidirectional lavalier microphone

    3-Section Aluminum Photo Tripod:

    (1x) 3-Section Aluminum Photo Tripod

    Medium Ball Head w/ Savior Clamp Kit:

    (1x) Savior Clamp

    (1x) Medium Ball head w/ Quick Release

    R-300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light w/ L-Bracket & AC Adapter:

    (1x) R-300 SE Light

    (1x) New L-Bracket Mount

    (1x) AC Adapter

    (1x) Tungsten Filter

    (1x) Frost Filter

    Smart Phone Holder w/ Gooseneck & Savior Clamp Mini:

    (1x) Gooseneck

    (1x) Savior Clamp Mini

    (1x) Smart Phone Grip Holder

    (1x) Quick Mount for Large Cameras

    (1x) Quick Mount 1/4"-20 Screw On Receiver

    (1x) Multi Tool for GoPro

    Mini C-Pan Arm:

    (1x) Mini C-pan Arm, Dumbbell Counter Weights



    Product Weight (lb) 25.25
    Material No
    Manufacturer Other
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