VIBESTA Verata 1080 Bi-color LED On-camera Light

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VIBESTA Verata 1080 Bi-color LED On-camera Light


The Verata 1080 is an on-camera light with 160 powerful LEDs. Bi-color units have 80 daylight LEDs and 80 tungsten LEDs. The unit runs off of a Sony NP-F battery. A Sony NP-F770 can power the light for more than 4 hours at full power.

This light can be dimmed from 0-100%, via a dimmer knob on the back of the light, without any noticeable shift in color quality. Bi-color units have an additional knob which allows you to smoothly blend between the daylight and tungsten LEDs. The bi-color lights are perfect for interviews when you may need to warm or cool the light based on your talent's skin tone.

Units come with a Diffusion Filter which softens the light. All filters have magnets on them which makes it easy to swap out filters quickly and securely. The Verata 1080 has four barn doors that allow you to eliminate spill coming off the side of the light. The barn doors fold down flush with the face of the light, protecting the light's LEDs during travel. The unit has a 1/4"-20 tap-in on its underside. This allows you to mount the light on a ball head for use on top of a camera. With a clamp and articulating arm, this unit can also be mounted in a variety of locations.

Additional Information

SKU 123030041201
Color Temperature Bi-color
LED Count 160
CRI 75
Beam Angle 60
Color Temperature 5600K-3200K
Power Options V-mount
Power Draw 13W
Operating Voltage 6~9V
Mounting Options 1/4"-20 tap-in
Dimensions 14.5 x 9.7 x 5.5
Product Weight (kg) .23
Package Contents

(1x) Verata 1080 LED On-camera Light

(1x) Diffusion Filter

(1x) Ball Head

Manufacturer Vibesta

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