ASIS 400 Lite 2-Head Kit and Light Modifier Bundle

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The ASIS 400 Lite 2-Head Kit and Light Modifier Bundle includes everything you need for a powerful 2-light studio setup. This bundle includes:

- 1x ASIS 400 2-Light Kit
- 2x Studio Assets 7’ Steel Light Stands
- 1x Studio Assets 22” White Interior Beauty Dish
- 1x ASIS Illuma 22x33” Softbox
- 1x Speedring for Softboxes
- 1x Speedring Adapter Insert

ASIS 400 Lite 2-Head Kit

This kit includes: two ASIS 400 Lite Monolights, one Remote Trigger, and a Carrying Case

The ASIS 400 Lite is the perfect monolight for beginners. The compact light features a simple, intuitive touch-screen display. The light has up to 400ws of power than can be adjusted 5 stops in 1/10th stop increments.

Studio Assets 22" White Interior Beauty Dish

This Beauty Dish features a textured white interior for smooth coverage and even skin tones. The integrated mount will fit Bowens monolights and other lighting brands that use a Bowens style mount. Also the center reflector can be set at two different positions to fine tune the distribution of light. Included is a fabric diffuser that can be fitted over the front of the beauty dish to soften the light.

ASIS Illuma 22 x 33" Softbox

The Asis Illuma soft box sports a thin profile, a half-radial depth, which produces better efficiency, more stability and greater mobility than other soft boxes. The Asis Illuma 56 front measures 22 x 33” and it is 13.25” deep. The soft box features a removable front diffuser, silver-with-white interior surfaces, and two graduated inner baffles for contrast changes. The difference between the two inner baffles helps maximize the number of options in light quality. It also compensates for the different designs between flash manufacturers which vary the way in which the light is projected so that there is even light distribution in the soft box. The Soft Box includes a spare rod and carrying case. It requires a speed ring for assembly, which is sold separately.

More Information
Barcode N/A
Manufacturer Asis
Country of Manufacture China

Maximum Power: 400ws

Power Range: 5-Stops in 1/10th Stop Increments

Recycling Time: 1~2 second(s)

Color Temperature (Flash Tube): 5600K +/-200K

Modeling Lamp: 75w

Flash Tube: User Replaceable

Triggering Options: Manual, Photocell, Sync Cord, Wireless Remote

Sync Voltage: 5.6V

Wireless Trigger Distance: >=32' (10m)

Working Voltage: 120V 60 Hz

Accessory Mount: Bowens S-Type Mount

Weight: 3 lb

Package Contents

(1x) ASIS 400 2-Light Kit

(2x) Studio Assets 7’ Steel Light Stands

(1x) Studio Assets 22” White Interior Beauty Dish

(1x) ASIS Illuma 22x33” Softbox

(1x) Speedring for Softboxes

(1x) Speedring Adapter Insert

Battery Type N/A
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