ASIS 400 Traveler 2-Head, Li-Ion Battery Pack, and 7' Light Stand Bundle

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The ASIS 400 Traveler is a mobile photographer's best friend. Using two heads the battery pack has a 33/66 ratio and can power the lights for over 320 flashes. The system offers similar features to the Elinchrom Quadra at a fraction of the price!

This bundle comes with the Li-Ion battery power pack, two heads, shoulder strap, a convenient carrying case, and two Studio Assets 7 foot steel light stands. *Note* The included carrying case will accommodate all parts except the 7 foot light stands.

Using one head the system will have a maximum power of 400ws. When two heads are connected the power is divided asymmetrically with 66% going to one head and 33% going to the other. This is perfect for using one flash as a main light and the other as a fill or background light.

Other features include a built-in photo cell, replaceable Li-Ion battery, 10w LED modeling lamps, and flash durations as fast as 1/3500s.

See the Additional Information tab for full specifications.


More Information
Barcode N/A
Manufacturer Asis
Country of Manufacture China

Max Output Power: 400ws

Flash Power Range - Outlet A: 25 - 400ws

Flash Power Range - Outlet B: 8 - 133ws

Recycle Time Fast - Outlet A: 0.5s @ min / 2.5s @ max

Recycle Time Slow - Outlet A: 1s @ min / 5.5s @ max

Recycle Time Fast - Outlet B: 0.3s @ min / 1.2s @ max

Recycle Time Slow - Outlet B: 0.6s @ min / 2.5s @ max

Flash Duration Time - Outlet A: 1/1200s

Flash Duration Time - Outlet B: 1/4000s

Flash Color Temperature: 5500K +/- 200K

LED Modeling Lamp: 6w

LED Color Temperature: 5200K +/-200K

Photocell Sync Distance: <= 33' (10m)

Sync Socket: 3.5mm Jack

Sync Voltage: 5v

User Replaceable Fuse: Yes

User Replaceable Flashtube: Yes

Audio On/Off: Yes

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Battery Voltage: 14.8v / 4.5Ah

Battery Charge Time: ~2 hours

Fuse: 40A

Kit Weight (with Carrying Case): 17.25 lb

Package Contents

(2x) Flash Heads

(1x) Li-Ion Battery Control Pack

(1x) Shoulder Strap

(2x) Reflectors

(2x) Diffuser Covers

(2x) Cables for Heads

(1x) Battery Charger

(1x) Carrying Case

(2x) Studio Assets 7' Steel Light Stand

Battery Type N/A
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