MOZA Lite 2 Premium 3-Axis Gimbal

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A Lightweight Handheld Stabilizer for Mirrorless, DSLRs and Small Cinema Cameras. It has never been easier to create smooth footage!

A Lightweight Handheld Stabilizer for Mirrorless, DSLRs and Small Cinema Cameras. It has never been easier to create smooth footage!

Designed to provide precision control of camera movements, the MOZA Lite 2 applies advanced FOC algorithm technology to achieve incredible balance. This allows you to smoothly launch the gimbal, for easy operation and level shots.

The MOZA Lite 2 utilizes Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors – the same grade of motor used in the automobile industry – featuring low vibration and high torque. To provide exceptional accuracy, high-resolution digital positioning encoders are integrated directly into the motors along all three axes. The powerful motors combine super-efficient sensors and processors that use the latest control algorithms to bring you the best in stabilization performance.

Made from the same grade of magnesium alloy used in the aerospace industry, the MOZA Lite 2 has a superbly solid yet lightweight frame. Weighing only 4.8lbs (2.2kg), this lightweight gimbal has a max payload of 11.0lbs (5.0kg). It is the optimal choice for a wide range of cameras, from mirrorless devices to professional cinema cameras, such as the Sony a7s, Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 1DX, BMPC, Red Dragon, ALEXA Mini, etc.

Bring your camera and MOZA Lite 2 fully under control with the wireless thumb controller. Featuring a crystal clear OLED display, this multi-functional accessory shows the configuration of your device. It enables the operator to start or stop recording, remotely adjust the camera focus, and control the gimbal movement. With this unit, you can also tune prsets for different cameras and lenses so you can find the most appropriate working status for your gimbal.

Operators can hold the gimbal in any of three different operation modes: underslung, upright, and briefcase, allowing the MOZA Lite 2 to be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Now you have the flexibly to switch to the best mode for your specific shooting situation!

The detachable top handlebar works as a quick release system that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. This unique feature lets the gimbal accommodate a wide array of shooting platforms, such as tripods, cranes, rigs, and drones. Once you remove the handle, the gimbal can be mounted to a drone with a UAV mount accessory.

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Manufacturer Moza
Country of Manufacture China

- Lightweight, sturdy magnesium alloy construction
- Precise PMS Motors
- Wireless thumb controller
- 3 operating modes
- Intelligent battery
- Detachable top handle
- Modular design for fast setup
- MOZA App Assistant for easy calibration & tuning

Package Contents

(1x) MOZA Lite 2 Premium 3-Axis Gimbal
(1x) Wireless thumb controller
(1x) Stand
(2x) Smart battery
(1x) Battery charger

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